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Your bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. The emphasis is to have a space to unwind and have a peaceful sleep in the bed which should have a positive vibe that reflects your personality and gives a sense of relaxation.

The tone of a bedroom has to be set by making minor as well as major decor tweaks or else by planning a complete bedroom design which suits one’s personality and tastes.

To start with thinking about the bedroom of your dreams right here by browsing these bedroom ideas.

To start with, design the bedroom as a ‘masterpiece’

Bedrooms are personal, and hence need to be defined by the style and imbibe the tastes and preferences of the owner.

We at My Home Furnitures don’t just get hung to popular trends but understand the needs and utility of the user and design the user interface such that it reflects style and space usability.

The luxury of having a new design as well as create a layout that lets the owner have a nice wake-up view.

Our designs focus on the view, rather than the bed itself. The bed we choose has to be the focal point, the size and style need to be ardently chosen.

Choose the perfect layout for the bedroom

The placing of a King-Sized Bed and other side items of furniture such as the chest of drawers, side table, night lampshade, and a correct wardrobe will help in determining the perfect look.

 At first, we need to pick the right direction of the bed as per the concepts of Vaastu or Feng-Shui. Then build the design by arranging the rest of the furniture based on ease of use. Along with the design a good layout will be provided to have plenty of walking space and enough room for drawers and cabinets to open properly.

Get the best trend of colors for your bedroom

Colors are mood enhancers, choosing the right color will not only improve the quality of your sleep it also induces the mood and relaxation. Generally, Green and blue are the first choices for interiors. Green has a healing quality and blue has a soothing effect.

White is also one of the popular choices as it reduces stress and propagates natural light. White has the tendency to have a neutral effect giving more emphasis to other colorful decor elements present in the room. For larger bedrooms, it is uber suggested have dark tones to create a warmer look.

Bedroom décor is one of the areas where the options are endless. To start with it is helpful to first choose the things, like wall decor. Create a feature wall – paint it with one vibrant color, select a wall sticker or pick out some bright wallpaper.

Add splashes of color through bedding and accessories – lampshades, rugs, pillows and throws for minimalist elegance, or try black and yellow for a scheme that is a little more daring. For a truly dreamy effect, try soft, smoky blues with white linen and a dash of light grey.

Want a cozy looking bedroom? Look no further MHF Team will guide you to the best way to design and decorate one

Cozy bedroom, a good dash to put your feet up upon. When the bedroom layout has good storage ideas like a high bed with room for boxes and rolling under-bed space. Wall-mounted shelves and fitted wardrobes on either side of the bed are perfect.

Ample space is created for hanging clothes complemented by a good bed to retire after a hectic work-day. The colors and design we use or suggest are neutral or pale and simple colors to create the feeling of extra space. To ensure the furniture has a multi-faceted approach we add multiple choices like dressing table can double up as storage for unused blankets with a dressing stool with a lift-up lid offers hidden storage.

To add that extra dash of elegance we use different patterns and textures to complete the look of the space with bedding linen. Luxurious bed linen is one of the must-haves for the best sleep induced rest. 

Look into our collection bedroom photo from grand to small bedroom designs and save the ones that inspire you most.

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