Living Room

The Living Room

The living room is known for space where the residents, guests, children, and visitors to the house spend the time and the Living room is everything that happens in the house. It’s also where one relaxes to watch a good movie or put up their feet after a long day. The family game night, parties and much more happens to be in the living room.

My Home Furniture’s experts will be always there to help you get tips that will help get you started:


To have a casual feel, we find that our experts suggest a comfortable family room furniture that will feel welcome and relaxed. A big sectional sofa or an ottoman will provide plenty of space to stretch out — perfect for lounging.

Also, in a formal living room, try our new structured armchairs and a chaise longue, coupled with an elegant coffee or accent table. Also, as the latest trend in this year, movies and technology are the most sought-after couple in the Living Room.  A large TV and the TV unit comprising of some collectibles and in-house lighting and gadget connections are the most sought-after combinations.

It’s purported that a smart plan and a perfect layout has to be in place before purchasing any big or small living room furniture to make sure the usage of space to its full potential.


Browse our living room furniture section to find the products you will love to bring them into your house.

In the wake of recent times, nowadays art and aesthetics are one of the most sought-after things that come into the minds of people who design.

The rainbow-colored living room is like the way to go without being too overwhelming, we have the balance in our designs which are practically a well as swoon-worthy living rooms.

To strike the perfect balance between bright colors and lighter tones our experts also include enough white space or earthy hues to go well with the bookshelf here.

Top Ten Features

Our formula to create magical Living Room Furniture

The perfect space of your Living Room by combining the best of woods, furnishings with a varied texture to match well with the wall décor. The pops of blush tones in accents combined with paneled wall make for a visually interesting space to your guests or yourself and your kid to curl up in with a coffee or a good book.

We add life to your space to promote positive wellbeing, to naturally purifying the air. Our experts suggest indoor plants which can be vital in enhancing your indoor spaces and ensure you breathe good oxygen. Our statement-making designer indoor plants mix things up by incorporating furniture in the same color family, but in different shades.

Colorful Sofas are IN.

Our Master trick to a modern living room is to contrast a soothing wall color with a dramatic pairing of vibrant colorful sofas or try to stick to lighter, natural colors like whites, creams, and browns make it feel like a place you can recharge. We also use natural textures in contrast to a bright white which adds an unexpected, yet welcoming look.

Geometric Lighting

Our experts have always done the best in the lighting area. To offset a neutral space with an eye-catching light fixture. Minimalistic, French-inspired living rooms where Lighting sets the tone for the entire room’s space — we make sure you choose something striking.

Clean Living Room

A modern living room often features sleek line furnishings and soothing palettes. However, incorporating an iconic piece such as a lounge chair bring another level of sense of style.

Minimal Living Room – less is more

While a statement piece is a must to liven up space, it’s important to keep things simple, like a round mirror, or space can become overwhelming.

Ornate Living Room

Being Artistic and Modern doesn’t have to be simple. We recommend having a playful and visually interesting space that’s totally on trend. Our Interior Experts always look for everything that goes well with the taste of the owner. We also include some statement-making pieces like the lighting fixture and flower piece above the mantle.

Quality Assurance

Artistic Living Room

At My Home Furnitures, we keep all the elements in a room sleek and uncluttered, it’s important to make sure there’s a focal point in the room to add visual interest.

Sculptural Lightingilluminate and decorate

Our Industry experts say – An easy way to mix up living room’s style is by adding a lighting fixture with a sculptural quality Boldly-shaped sconces, an oversized floor lamp, or a statement-making chandelier.

Some Robust Living Room Ideas

Dramatic Living Room – Think out of the box.

We give this look with oversized, marshmallow-style couches and other interesting shaped pieces.

Black and White Living Room

One of the top New York City designers recommends adding in graphic curtains and a good piece of furniture. Wooden tables and Ottomans to create an unusual, yet stunning modern living room. When teaming up with classic colors – Black and White, throwing in wooden accents the wood can double as an unexpected architectural element.

Luxurious Living Rooms

Creating a Masterpiece – A large luxurious yet modern living room that feels chic and layered is all about mixing textures and styles. Our experts think about brass and mixed metals to bring in vintage. Paired with luxe fabrics, like velvet and neutral yet warm color palette. This is the way we create an interior you’ll love.

Organic Living Rooms – This one will stand apart.

Organic living rooms are done with the best everything especially standout pieces like the leather chairs and wooden tables. Add a dash of different levels of Greenery and lot of plants in either way that compliments well in the green.

Elevated Living Room – The NEXT Level…!!

Ultra-modern living rooms are one of the most sought after in 2019. To take things to new heights our expert designers use swivel chairs, which encourage conversation, instead of a sofa.

Vintage Living Room – Leonardo Da Vinci…!!!

A vintage rug in the chic and modern living room, which brings a surprising element to space with an excellent piece of Art as well as designer carousels will add that extra warmth to a good Vintage looking.

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