Pooja room

Pooja Room – A Divine corner – Not just the design but it needs to be celestial yet smart

One important fact of the Pooja place is that it has to be fully clean therefore on bring positive energy within the house. “Cleanliness is Godliness” Yes, indeed this place in the house needs to be neat and tidy.

While a little glass partition within the space to surround the idols and building a little puja house within the space would be a great plan. Inserting totally different levels to stay the idols lovely enhances the ornamentation effectively.

The spaces in our homes are often defined by the activities that are important to us. We have spaces for eating, sleeping, playing, and cooking, and perhaps other spaces for writing, reading, painting or by what we do in them – dining, living, entertaining – or the objects we use in them – beds, TVs, baths.

But, Do we have a space in our homes that we create to just be in them? To Meditate or Just be Inspired.?  The Answer is Yes.

Temple for your home is aesthetic and even more divine with a dash of modern art in addition to precise engineering for a great look and divine experience. While larger houses may be able to dedicate a space with an embedded room beside the kitchen or dining area depending upon the direction of the main door.

But, for moreover lower spaces, our experts suggest as per the living room they may select smaller mandaps or shelves which can be mounted on walls.

Before the selection the color of the walls, it is always suggested that our Indian households to decide the right choice to place the presiding deities in the new house to feel blessed and peaceful.

Whether an entire space or simply a corner, it’s straightforward to rework it into your terribly own sacred, and divine place.

here are some divine concepts

The entrance doorway wall in the hall

Got a large Hallway or an Empty Wall facing the Hall and Entrance?  We can rework one among the walls into your temple by ever-changing up the walls and placing deity’s idol along with Metal diyas at each end and a copper plate would be a great divine rendition.

North-East corner of the house

What we do with the extra space within the house, the temple will be apt within the lounge corner.  Although Wood is used as a standard for partition, Glass would look far more elegant. A temple bell on high can provides a nice ethnic bit to the realm.

Convert the space into a meditation center

Got an additional space within the house, then we’ll be able to rework it into your own meditation space. It doesn’t ought to be too massive, after all, and It’s necessary to decide on soothing colors and lighting, to feel the peace and happiness, as presently as someone enters the area.

A meditation space gives you a place in your home that is dedicated to silence and stillness.

Let’s improve that stowage out into a Divine Abode

When we have a stowage within the house that isn’t used much, Our Design Experts suggest it to be converted into the divine temple. Also, the inside and lighting ought to be coordinated so, that it will provide a soothing feel. Glass doors and a good background to rework a median space.

Use of a cupboard or Cabinet for space saving or compact houses

A lounge cupboard style can be reworked into a temple. We suggest 2-3 shelves on a height to place the deities. This a perfect answer for residences wherever there isn’t an abundant place available

Between a Closet or Two Walls

The temple between a closet and/or corner with a great color plan is ideal for homes wherever the temple unit is made in between 2 walls. This way, you have got 2 walls to decide on colors for, and it’s best to decide on totally different reminder identical color.

When we have a temple space inbuilt a box-like style between 2 columns or in AN niche, fixing a partition wall with cut-outs that don’t fully block the sunshine or human view works well in providing privacy to the realm. Also, we suggest decorating with brass bells and spotlights, like during this image, to reinforce the wonder of the house. 

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